• Call Center Analytics

  • Are your Call Center efficient and generating gross profit?
    • - If not, we can help you to improve, allowing you to target the most valuable customers to maximize your profit and to balance the calling efficiency and the calling cost.
    • - If so, with a large chance you can do better.
  • BundleRank offers analytical service for both Inbound and Outbound telemarketing.
  • Our strategic value: Increasing the value of call centers of organizations.
  • BundleRank Call Center Analytics helps you to

    • - Find the most valuable customers and the potential needs of customers.Call the “right” people will significantly reduce your cost and enhance the ROI. Combine with an excellent CRM management; BundleRank helps you in better understanding your customer profile, for instance the customer’s potential purchase power and their preference in products. So that you can call your customers with “plan”.
    • - Make a campaign plan, predict the campaign outcome, and evaluate the whole campaign process.
      We have Campaign Planning & Evaluation Platform; enable to provide you a whole set of marketing business plan, including campaign planning, prediction, implementation, tracking, and evaluation.
    • - Balance the calling efficiency and the calling cost/customer experience.
      We are good at building models to help you use your money in a most efficient way, not only to achieve a higher Respond Rate, but also to fulfill a better customer experience.