• BR ADM Solutions

  • I. What is Analytic Data Mart (ADM)?
    ADM is one central database which focuses on capturing, monitoring and storing key performance indicators for analytics, by collecting the dispersed data over the company systems.

  • II. ADM Description

  • III. Benefits
    • High quality data mart for analytics with BundleRank expertise in ADM – BR will build and maintain historical data that make your modeling and program evaluation efforts much easier.
    • Great Improvement on efficiency – Instead of storing all of the detail behind the calculations, ADM simply stores the results of the calculations for analytics.
    • Increase security and system stability – Diverse the work load on your internal IT department.
    • Flexibility – BR will manage, maintain and store the data on either our system dedicated to you or your internal systems, at your choice.
    • Convenience – The system can be opened to your internal staff do live query and generate quick reports.