• BR Publishing Solutions

  • A long term of cooperation with US publishing companies allows BundleRank establish a complete and sophisticated set of solution for publishing industry.

  • BundleRank Publishing Solution

  • GainsChart.com:   a platform to streamline the process of model building with reduced modeling cycles and flexible access to modeling resources. It helps you build a stable model for your campaign test, forecast campaign outcome.
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  • ReportSenseTM:   a secure and fast online report delivery platform. ReportSenseā„¢ generates reports as need, it offers you a fast and flexible Report Delivery Platform, to help you Track every step of your campaign.<
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  • SmartColl Solution:   a total solution to high performing collections analytics.
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  • BundleRank Risk Management:   BR risk management helps you gain a clear version about your AR situation to control the business risk.
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